Building luxury mountain homes in highly sought-after recreational areas is USREC’s core mission. Therefore, our task is two-fold:

  1. To build inspiring rustic homes constructed of natural log and stone in order to capture the lure of the mountains and the spirit of the great outdoors. Situated on acreage for privacy and outdoor enjoyment, these large prestigious homes are designed for entertaining, and for accommodating multiple families. Tastefully appointed and beautifully decorated, these homes will please the most discerning owners.
  2. To acquire land that meets specific criteria for development and value creation. Properties have to be private and secure, and be strategically located to maximize rental income and appreciation potential, by providing convenient access to resorts and a variety of recreational opportunities.

USREC’s strategy is calculated so that the owners of these spectacular recreational properties only have to concentrate on one thing… GETTING THEIR PEACE!

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