In a world filled with distractions, it is easy to lose your focus. Now, more than ever, it is important to have a place that quiets your mind and energizes your spirit. A private mountain home retreat can be that perfect place.

Given the costs associated with developing and constructing high-quality rustic log and stone homes in highly sought-after areas of the country, few individuals and families can afford to exclusively own these types of recreational properties. And, until now, owning these beautiful mountain properties for a fraction of the cost has not been available.

USREC is changing this reality by developing properties for fractional ownership that opportunistic investors, and owners can enjoy. Our fractional ownership model appeals to this broad market, because it allows them the opportunity to experience the beauty and privilege of spending time in a first-class mountain home that is partially their own, while inherently providing them an investment into mountain rental properties. This can be an ideal solution for families who like to frequent trips together, but have been limited to rentals.

Properties developed for fractional ownership are based on 80/20, meaning 80% of properties are made available for fractional ownership. Properties are individually organized as limited partnerships allowing for a limited number of partners / owners. Each partner owns a share of the property, which provides entitlement for access, and a percent of operating revenues and costs. (See More information on Fractional Ownership.)

USREC organizes these limited partnerships, and manages the developed properties for owners. In addition to gaining access to a new recreational home, owners can elect to rent their unused portion of weeks available for occupancy, and receive their proportional share of rental income and tax deductions. Upon sale of the property, which is generally anticipated seven years from its completion, partners receive their share of its appreciation as well as the amortization. Read about Fractional Ownership Structures.

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